Deah Berry Mitchell is a freelance writer and part-time culinary instructor residing in Dallas,Texas


A graduate of Southern Methodist University, she has written for various school newspapers and magazines. After receiving her undergraduate degrees in physiology and sports marketing and a brief internship with National Football League, Super Bowl, she continued down a path leading towards a professional career in sporting events. As fate would have it, an unexpected layoff forced Berry Mitchell, a born teacher, to rely on her innate gifts for creating elegant meals at home and instructing others how to prepare the same. Also during this time she started a popup outdoor eatery and used this time to hone her cooking skills by gaining an instructor position at a gourmet food and cookware retailer.

Just before receiving her master's degree in creative writing she began researching the origins of soul food. Berry Mitchell has worked professionally in the nonprofit development sector for over a decade, helping fund some subjects from higher education to health sciences. Hailing from Sherman, Texas, and like many Southern natives, she was raised in a family of traditionalists eating the very foods she’s researched. After moving to Houston, Texas and gaining influences from various cultures, she began to incorporate those cooking styles into her recipes.

When she’s not developing recipes Berry Mitchell, a self-proclaimed food-enthusiast, enjoys traveling, entertaining friends and family at home, planning events and writing. Deah volunteers with a local nonprofit, FEED Oak Cliff, and works within the community to increase awareness of food deserts and health equity.

This is Deah’s first book, and she looks forward to penning more novels, everything in between food and fiction, in the near future.

‘Her view on food is phenomenal, in her cookbook, Deah ties in her childhood roots along with African history & awesome quotes to create this interesting spin on a cookbook. I thoroughly enjoyed it!!’